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Q. Will Zenex cause a positive drug test for THC or Marijuana?  A. No, Zenex is 100% THC free.  Zenex will not trigger a positive drug test for any drugs.  CBD oil is not a drug. Q.  Is Zenex made from the entire hemp plant A. Yes, Zenex is made from the entire hemp plant. Q.  Is Zenex made with a 2-step extraction process? A.  Yes, the first step is a CO2 extraction and the second is Chromatogrophy.  This makes ZENEX 100% THC FREE Q.  Does Zenex contain all the cannabinoids from the hemp plant A.  Yes, Zenex contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the hemp plant Q.  Since CBD is an oil does any of it really get absorbed by the body? A.  Zenex uses Nanozorb™ technology to allow for 100% absorption into the body.  Nanzorb™ technology is the process by which we encapsulate the CBD oil molecule in water allowing the body to absorb it. Q. Is Zenex synthetic CBD oil? A.  No.  Zenex is 100% pure CBD oil. Q. Do you use liposomes in Zenex? A. No, liposomes are not stable enough to allow for absorption of the CBD oil.  Liposomes break down at about 80 degrees and are not longer beneficial.