BIO HOME CODY SATTLER At first glance, Cody Sattler will not only win you over with his warm contagious smile, but you will also see his dedication and commitment to life and work ethic through his impressive physique.    	Cody was born and raised in Oakley Kansas.  It didn’t take long to see that Cody was born to be not only an athlete, but also a powerful leader. In high school, Cody was the captain of the football, basketball and track teams.  After high school he continued his athletic career by accepting a college football scholarship at Garden City Community College where he excelled before suffering a career ending knee injury.  Cody continued on with college and graduated with a degree in elementary education from Kansas State University.  While working his way through college after playing football, Cody started working in nutrition stores where he found his new passion -- fitness and nutrition.  Cody always loved weight lifting and training for sports, but only over the last few years has he come to realize the huge role proper nutrition and supplementation occupies in health, fitness and overall body composition. 	After College Cody accepted a teaching job in Omaha, Nebraska where he taught 6th grade for two years. Cody always had a passion for helping people and also a strong passion for health and fitness. Cody knew he wanted to continue to help people but also wanted to incorporate health and fitness into his life. He decided to quit teaching and became a certified personal trainer.  Cody moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Chicago, Illinois where his fitness career took off, building a very impressive name for himself in the fitness industry.  If you were to ask Cody what he does for a living he would respond with, “I change people’s lives”!  	Cody’s philosophy about life can be summed up in two phrases:  “You get better with age” and “Attitude is everything”.  He believes in hard work, dedication, and always trying to improve in all areas of life. Practicing these philosophies himself has allowed him the chance to show case his personality through the hit ABC shows “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise”.  His charisma was very evident in both of these shows that allowed him to gain popularity amongst viewers from all over the world.  Cody also personally trained ABC’s most current Bachelor “Chris Soules” that premiered January 5th of this year.   	Today, Cody continues to work directly with clients helping them achieve greatness with their minds and bodies in the gym as well as online training.  He also is an entrepreneur with a creative mind that looks to take his ideas and turn them into reality by creating new businesses and various products such as his new fitness supplement company, “CsattSupps.”  Cody knows he is very blessed and extremely grateful of all the opportunities he has had in his life and continues to be thankful for the amazing support from friends and family who have believed in him.  Cody Sattler is proof that if you work hard, have a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who believe in you that anything is possible!
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